Domlux by Domus - Windows for northern weather conditions


Domlux windows are designed and manufactured in Finland for the varying northern conditions. Our competence is based on Finnish engineering expertise and carpentry traditions.


Domlux A1

The high-quality, economical and energy efficient Domlux A1 is the perfect staple window for any home. It has a tight, durable wood-aluminium structure and above-standard heat insulation. Available as both opening and fixed model.

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Domlux Passiivi

The groundbreaking window solution combines energy efficiency, comfort of use and easy maintenance. The triple-glazed wood-aluminium structure offers efficient protection against varying weather with top-level heat insulation.

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Domlux Passiivi Plus

A durable, high-quality window solution superior in energy efficiency for varying weather conditions. The practical and long-lasting wood-aluminium window is available with diverse glazing options. Refined usability with unprecedented energy efficiency!

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Domlux innovations

The Domlux window is a masterpiece of Finnish engineering. We challenge time, technology and northern conditions by constantly creating better windows and doors. We have developed numerous unique innovations that make our windows technologically top-class as well as reliable and pleasant to use. We pay particular attention to the materials of the parts facing constant use to ensure they are resistant to wear and tear.

Insulator screw

Our insulator screw is a groundbreaking solution for window installations in insulation block houses. The Domlux insulator screw is uniquely easy and completely realiable.

Ventilation latch

The Domlux ventilation latch ingeniously simplifies the usability of a ventilation window, providing decades of functionality and reliability. You can open the two connected windows with just one finger when washing windows, etc

Window clamp for outer frame

If your window opens inwards, the Domlux window clamp for outer frame opens it easily. The clamp indicator clearly shows whether the window is open or closed.

Insulation glazing

Our windows feature groundbreaking insulation glazing that has been meticulously designed and guarantees top-class heat insulation.

Connected balcony door

The connected balcony door is a unique innovation from Domlux that saves space and opens the door entirely outwards. Top-class soundproofing.