Domlux by Domus
Experts of the
Northen area


Domlux produces clearly the best windows and doors for Nordic conditions. Our products are made to last – they endure temperature changes, rain, wind, snow and time. Make use of our 70 years of experience and strong, Finnish engineering expertise. The windows and doors of Domus Group are known as Domlux Windows and Doors – expert in northern conditions

Roots in Finnish carpentry

Domlux Windows and Doors is part of Domus Group Ltd. The roots of Domus Group lie in traditional Finnish carpentry. Over the course of nearly 70 years, the Group has evolved into a community employing more than 250 people.


We are a Finnish family business

We provide employment in over 20 locations and constantly employ several Finnish subcontractors, retailers and other cooperation partners. Our operations are based in Finland where we also pay our corporate taxes. We apply sustainable thinking to our operations, such as by developing recyclable and durable products.

Today, the traditions of a family business are combined with modern production solutions, the use of new innovation and a mindset supporting long-term development and high quality. By building products that last from generation to generation and respecting the environment, we can call ourselves a true expert of northern conditions.

Our products have been granted the Key Flag Symbol, representing Finnish work, safety and responsibility.

Tehty suomessa - Made in Finland